Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Harvest

This is what we look like when we're around home most of the time! For perspective on how tall the corn is, my husband is 6' tall without shoes on - this was some VERY tall corn!

As wet and rainy as it's been this year (the corn pictured was under water above the ears once this summer, and the river's been out on it at least one other time, as well) we've been able to get some corn and soybeans harvested. Yields have been good, but we're having some trouble with mold in the ears of corn, which is really not good! It varies - one field has beautiful corn, the next has nasty mold in it.

It seems we get a few dry days to run, and then it rains and we have to take several days off, but haven't had too much trouble with mud, which is very good.