Friday, November 12, 2010

A Whole Shed-full

The other morning as my husband was getting ready to leave the house, I was discussing with him what we'd get our son for his birthday. It went pretty much like this:

Momma: What do you think we should get for Luke for his birthday?
Daddy: I thought we'd get him a tractor.
Momma: Really? Because his Grandma told me she got him one already.
Daddy: Yeah, but one isn't enough.
Momma: How many tractors does a 1 year old boy need?!?
Daddy: Well, not that many, but we aren't going to buy him 5 all at once when he's three.
Momma: FIVE?!? Why does he need that many tractors?
Daddy: No, (shaking his head) Honey, he needs a whole shed-full.
Momma: What??
Daddy: Yes, see, if we just get him a tractor or two a year, by the time he's three, he'll have enough tractors, then we can start buying implements.

Oh, this conversation makes me grin!

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