Wednesday, March 11, 2015


For a long time this winter, the overwhelming sound in the background every time one set foot outside was the sound of the great masses of Sandhill Cranes as they migrated through the river bottoms.  Normally they don't stay as long but, I presume due to the unusually snowy and bitter cold late January and February and even into early March they are still hanging around.  In this photo are only 3, but usually they are just stalking around all over the fields, flying in large groups overhead, and always making that trill call.

Today, I heard also the sound of the frogs!  The spring peepers to me are a surer sign of spring than robins, which there have been a few, sad sorry looking robins wondering where the warm weather was.  Well, spring is on its way.

This little calf looked up at me while enjoying the evening's silage and feed (I didn't tell him he had some on his face)

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