Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cattle moving day 4/23/15

The vet came out and did the vaccinations today.  After that it was time to haul the calves out of the barn and turn them loose in the pasture.

Just back up through the gate and they all go out frolicking and happy and bucking like a rodeo.

After the hauling it's time to put the gates back, and park everything.  Daddy had a helper to move that gate.

After the last years calves were moved it was time to move some of the cow/calf pairs to the next field with better grass. First we checked the fence, and then the guys walked up to the trailer where they open the gate.

The momma cows have been doing this for years -- going back-and-forth to the field -- and they know where to go.  It's  the baby calves that we have to watch!  But they are little enough that they wanted to stay right by momma the whole time.

Here they come!  We always have spotters on either side of the road to block traffic if necessary but this doesn't take more than two minutes hardly for them to come down the road - often we never see a vehicle the entire time from fence check, people set-up, cattle drive, and even by the time we have everything back in the barn lot.  Our road is a pretty quiet rural road unless the river is out then we get quite a bit of traffic.

Here they are enjoying the knee-high grass!

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