Sunday, April 26, 2015

Friday 4/24/15

Friday had three main jobs: spreading fertilizer, spraying the wheat, and taking the bull out of the pasture.

First he went to the co-op to get the fertilizer spreader.  They spent some time getting the settings just right and hitching on.

Then we all went over to the barn where all the cattle were shut in the lot after eating their silage.  The bull was happy to follow a bucket with feed right into the trailer almost!  It went very smoothly!  The cows and calves were let out into the pasture, while the bull was taken to his stable in the barn until his job is needed again.

Once the bull was in his place it was time to spread fertilizer.  That got done about lunchtime and they got the sprayer ready to go with herbicide to kill the winter wheat that had been used as a cover crop to keep erosion at bay.

After the kids and I brought the guys a snack, grandpa and grandma took the kids to pick up recently cut firewood from a tree that had fallen over the fence.

You never know what will happen in a day on the farm you can have good plans but sometimes the unexpected happens!

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